Back to the Future Cupcakes

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Time circuits… On…
Flux capacitor… Fluxing…

It’s safe to say that we’re huge Back to the Future fans at Beanie’s Bakery so when we were asked to create a set of Back to the Future cupcakes for a customer’s birthday we couldn’t help but get excited! Great scott!

We included as many of the iconic items from the film series as we could. This cupcake set features:

  • Back to the Future logo cupcakes
  • Flux Capacitor cupcakes with Happy Birthday message
  • Time Circuits cupcakes with personalised birthday dates
  • Save the Clock Tower Newspaper and Lightning Bolt cupcakes
  • Hoverboard and Doc’s Futuristic Visors cupcakes and
  • Delorean "OUTATIME" Number Plate cupcakes

These are an absolute must for anyone that’s a fan of the classic movie franchise. If you’d like to have a set made for an upcoming birthday, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!